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I am an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition in the Department of English at Illinois State University, where I research and teach border rhetorics, digital-cultural rhetorics, and Global rhetorics and histories of rhetorics (rhetorics of and from non-Western and underrepresented groups). My research and teaching are informed and shaped by feminist, comparative, and decolonial theories and methodologies. Through this interdisciplinary trajectory, I study transnational border imperialism and bordering violence and explores ways border artivism (art+activism) critiques, challenges, and resists bordering violence. Furthermore, my work in global rhetorics focuses on social justice and activist rhetorics and bridges the feminist and queer activism in my home country in Türkiye with the feminist-queer activism in other geo-cultural-political settings through a transnational lens.

My award-winning research appeared in Review of Communication, Reflections: A Journal of Community-Engaged Writing and Rhetoric, The Routledge Handbook of Comparative World Rhetorics, Methods and Methodologies for Research in Digital Writing and Rhetoric, Kairos, Rhetorics Change/Rhetoric's Change, and Immediacy.  I am currently working on a collaborative book project, Mapping Paso del Norte, investigating the colonial past of the El Paso-Juarez border region. This project offers a participatory community-mapping design as a decolonial methodology to explore mapping and bordering practices and strategies that challenge and move beyond the border's colonial logic.

I am from Izmir/Turkey and a proud dog-mom. To learn more about my research, teaching, and projects, please click the appropriate link above or contact me at

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